We at Hana Floral Designs & Co. pride at a lot of things but the number one thing that we are proudest of is our customer service and the unique way we touch your hearts. Each customer is unique and therefore each piece produced by our talented team of artists is unique and synonymous to each individual. Having said that, I usually get asked about my favorite flower and you know this might be one of the hardest questions to answer, flowers have a season and scent of their own for example tulips in spring, peonies in summer, dahlias in winter and to be biased towards one flower can be a tough one. Flowers are so forgiving and so versatile, some can last long enough to bare the test of time while others can adorn any floral pieces, floral runners with their beautiful scent and perfume for the short life span they have, I personally enjoy flowers in its totality, each unique flower speaks its own story and at our boutique we love to incorporate the best of nature, which means we love to amalgamate fresh flowers and dried botanicals, always giving out the feeling of love and boldness together.

December is the season of warmth, love and togetherness there are many flowers that pop up in my mind but the one that is specifically know for winter is Hellebores – Hellebore symbolizes serenity, peace and tranquility and adversely can also represent a scandal or anxiety and tension, it is also called the “Desert Rose”. Some other winter based flowers are Nigella, Iris, Winter Pansies etc. As a young girl flowers for me were just the heart shaped petals stuck to a so called pollen in between. This is how I saw flowers, this is how I painted them and this is how I visualized them until later when I started working with them and visually saw the magic it creates first to the thoughts and then to the eyes. Today I leave you with a beautiful poem that will immerse you into the totality of flowers.


Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers growing in a row,

The first one said, “Im’ purple”, you know,

The second one said,

“I am pink as pink can be”

The third one said, “I am blue like the sea”,

The fourth one said,

“I am a very red fellow”

Then out came the sun big and bright

And all the flowers looked happy in delight

For one such thing they came to realize

That looks can make you pretty and smart,

But what will stay forever is the kindled heart.

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