Flower bouquets are like a bundle of emotions wrapped in one bunch and are for all occasions, therefore it is important to feel each stems, flower and color that will be placed in the bundle. Whether you are an aspiring florist or an at home designer, the first thing about making a bunch is choosing your flowers.

Let’s make it simple and lay down the rules in point form: –

  • Choose your flowers. When choosing the flowers, there should be a mix of some greens, some fillers flowers, and two or three main flowers.
  • Start laying the flowers down in descending order starting by laying down the greens and then alternating it with fillers. Once all done place the most important or unique bloom such as rose etc. in the end, and the way to do it is by lifting the arrangement to eye level and then placing the main bloom right the middle where it is easily at eye level plus it enhances all the blooms together.
  • Prepare 3 sheets of 24”x36” fold each into half and cover the flowers in a way that covers them from halfway down the stems.
  • Tie them with a ribbon or twine to preserve the bunch as is
  • Trim the stems to level them up and Enjoy!!!

Hana Floral Designs & Co. prides itself in providing flowers that touch your soul, enjoy the freshness of our flower bouquets while they last and even after.