Let’s face it, with the holidays coming up everyone is ready to celebrate in a big way, perhaps get out of the dingy sweats, possibly get dolled up, and spend time with those we care about. No more social distancing, from family, friends, and best of all no further facetime, just real-life interactions, and togetherness this vacation.

During the uncertain days of COVID-19 2020 some florist’s stepped up to bring light in their own ways and showed us  how flowers can let your loved ones know that they are missed and loved deeply. Suddenly, occasions didn’t matter, what mattered was that we were alive and healthy and were able to enjoy all the life’s joy and beauty. Flowers bring life to any space and can transform people’s moods in an instant and as florists we take it upon us to make you happy each and every time.

Hana Floral Designs & Co. has a flair for art, and all their designs are unique and texture based and we are always interested in bringing unique flower concepts to our customers. This year we launched our floral Subscription Box, a concept that allows our customers to keep receiving our beautiful flowers with the choice of their time frame Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly etc. Customers can be assured that the flowers will be of the highest quality each and every time it is presented to your loved one.

Our motto “Where love and freshness is packed in one box”

To order visit: https://hanafloraldesigns.com/subscriptions/